Providing World-Class Financial Expertise With A Team That Gets Into The Details


The foundation of Numbers Up, LLC was formed over 16 years ago as the finance department of a newly created Venture Capital firm in Columbus, OH.

The team was given the task of evaluating both large and small companies to determine their financial viability. The team’s focus was not on whether the company was making money, but rather if, with financial planning and forecasting, they could take the company to the next level. When potential was identified, Jim Dolin and his team would take over the daily financial tasks for the company to allow the Entrepreneurs to do what they do: grow their business.

Numbers Up, LLC is now providing the same services to independently owned companies: giving companies the boost they need to get to the next level without giving up ownership.

Our clients include small, single person sole proprietors and large, multi-location companies across North America. Our clients span a broad array of industries including technology, construction, home services, manufacturing and distribution.

As a member of your team, our mission is to provide world-class financial expertise and insight so that YOU can take your business to the next level. Contact us today for free consultation. We have a great team that is ready to help.

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